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National contract for Eau de Vie

Eau de VieFollowing an exceptionally strong year of sales, Milton Keynes based business Eau de Vie – one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of filtered water systems – has announced a new nationwide contract with Gourmet Burger Kitchen, marking their first foray into the casual dining sector.

Eau de Vie, whose offices are in Knowlhill, has gained big name fans in the last couple of years, through its pioneering filtered water including Angela Hartnett, Alan Bird and Eric Chavot, and have been instrumental in driving the sustainability revolution in the hospitality sector.

A leader in the hospitality sector, the filtered water systems come in a variety of sizes to suit establishments big and small.  Each are bespoke and designed to fit into an organisation’s original infrastructure, either front or back of house.   All Eau de Vie water systems are capable of producing continuous quantities of fresh, still and sparkling water that’s cleaned using innovative filter technology.

The new contract with Gourmet Burger Kitchen is the first dip into the fast-growing casual sector for the company.  Eau de Vie will now supply front of house taps across 61 sites across the country, marking a move towards even greater sustainability for the popular chain.

David Smithson, CEO of Eau de Vie commented: “Operators have previously been faced with two water options – bottled or tap – which could also be seen as choosing between offering an over-indulgent product or simply lacking in customer service.  Neither are appealing to either operators or consumers, so it’s no surprise that we have seen a real interest in filtered water – a genuine third way which offers a cost-effective environmental solution that is also great tasting and pure.

“As that message spreads across the industry it has reached the mainstream, and we are delighted to have signed a contract with Gourmet Burger Kitchen, a brand always focussed on delivering exceptional customer service; this is another example of them leading the way in the casual sector.”

Keith Bird of Gourmet Burger Kitchen added: “Sustainability is becoming more and more attractive to consumers; they want to eat in responsible establishments.  Filtered water systems from Eau de Vie communicates our brand’s ethics to our customers by helping us reduce unnecessary waste that quickly adds up within the hospitality sector.”

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