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MK’s Got Talent: Next generation of marketeers

It’s often said that in business, you get back what you put in. Online marketing agency, Little Star Media (LSM), based in central Milton Keynes, believe that now is the time to invest in the future.

With the latest government figures indicating that just under half a million 18-24-year-olds in the UK are unemployed, LSM have opened their doors to the budding pool of young marketing talent in Milton Keynes and have recently hired 5 employees from the local area, all aged 25 or under.

21-year-old Shenley resident Bronwyn Pearson is the youngest of the new recruits. By developing her commercial and analytical skills, Bronwyn found her niche as an e-CRM Officer. This new position was specially created to best utilise her skills and allow her to flourish. “I didn’t really know what direction I hoped my career would take,” said Bronwyn, “but with the help of management and new responsibilities, I have seen how progression is both greatly encouraged and achievable.”

Jock Perkins, who lives in Haversham, is the youngest member of the Development team. Since joining LSM, the 24-year-old Junior Software Developer has been keen to expand his knowledge by studying a part time BSc (Hon) Computing & IT at the Open University. Impressively, he taught himself to code. “I didn’t always know I wanted to be a developer,” Jock admitted. “Working for LSM is great, I have the freedom to voice my opinions and to learn new things. I feel valued.”

Also 24 is Harie Elliott, a Heelands homeowner who studied Graphic Design at Bletchley College. With the right training and focus on her personal development, Harie hit the ground running at LSM and now holds a coveted Marketing Executive position. “Without a degree it was hard to land a role in marketing,” she reflected, “but LSM gave me the opportunity to start my career.”

23-year-old Tom Alderson, from Old Farm Park, didn’t expect to fall into marketing either. Previously working in construction as a Welding Technician, Tom’s willingness to learn soon paid off. Tom said: “There’s a lot of opportunity to learn in and out of the office, with top notch rewards for hitting targets.” Indeed, he quickly rose through the ranks to his current Marketing Executive role.

Lastly is 25-year-old Music Studies graduate, Rob Flannery. Returning from Liverpool John Moores University to his home in Old Stratford, Rob’s performance at LSM earned him a speedy promotion to Marketing Executive. He enjoys working for a local company who value his input. “LSM is focussed on investing in its own talent,” Rob explained. “I get to see my impact. It’s a lot of fun!”

Recently winning the “Best Place To Work” award at the 8th annual Women in Gaming Awards, it is clear that LSM take great pride in their homegrown employees. As more talented young people in Milton Keynes are drawn to the exciting world of affiliate marketing, LSM believe that nurturing this enthusiasm early on will lead to later and greater success.

LSM are currently on the lookout for a Junior Graphic Designer and a Graphic Designer to join their unique company. If you’re interested, please send a CV and covering letter to verentia.proctor@littlestarmedia.com.

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