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Mayor visits apprentices at Comms365

The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Councillor Derek Eastman, visited the apprentices taken on by Cranfield-based business Comms365, to discuss the importance of apprenticeships and to learn why Comms365 has partnered with the local apprentice academy to help young people kick start their career.

Comms365 mayor visit

Comms365 help businesses connect to mobile broadband and since partnering with the 3AAA apprentice academy in 2012, they have already taken on two apprentices and are planning a third.

Mike van Bunnens, Managing Director at Comms365, said: “Taking on apprentices has allowed us to accelerate our growth, building from a team of three to sixteen in the space of just a few years; the apprentices have certainly become an integral part of Comms365’s success.”

Sam Waldram, Customer Support Technician at Comms365, who has recently completed the apprentice programme, commented: “My experience of being an apprentice was extremely rewarding and I was getting paid to learn about a subject I was interested in. Not only that, but I have learned so many new skills and gained a Cisco qualification whilst doing so. An apprenticeship is the perfect way to start a career.”

Currently in his third month, Oliver Clarke has had a positive start to his apprenticeship. He said: “Apprenticeships are an effective and enjoyable way of getting straight into the world of work while still learning new skills.”

Whilst at the Comms365 offices the Mayor took the opportunity to congratulate the apprentices on their hard work and discuss the importance of businesses helping young people who are at the very beginning of their career.

The Mayor of Milton Keynes concluded: “Technology is the future. Everything is driven by technology now and what Comms365 is offering is a chance for young people to be a part of this future. Successful businesses need people with great skills and abilities and by employing young people they are investing in their own future.”

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