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KATSO introduce new bandsaw to boost productivity

Wymbush-based Kasto has introduced an innovative, automatic bandsaw designed to increase productivity in the additive manufacturing sector. The KASTOwin amc incorporates a 180-degree turning device that allows 3D-printed parts on their build platform to be inverted so that the components fall into a container after they have been sawn.

Gains in efficiency, reliability, precision and safety are claimed for the new machine. Moreover, upside down sawing prolongs the life of the 5,090 x 27 x 0.9 mm blade, as wear on the teeth is significantly reduced because swarf also falls away under gravity, so less is drawn through the cutting channel. Cooling is provided by a minimum-quantity lubrication system. The welded, ribbed, torsionally rigid structure minimises vibration for quiet operation and accuracy.

A build platform with additively manufactured parts is bolted to a fixture by means of a handling unit or crane, or can be fixed in position using an optionally available quick clamping system. The operator loads the 3D-printed parts, closes the doors and enters the thickness of the build platform via an easy-to-use wizard in the Kasto SmartControl CNC system. The saw unit, which has a precise ballscrew drive, then moves to the exact height required and the parts are automatically separated within the specified tolerance.

A window is provided for visual inspection. The operator can open a flap or press a button to stop the sawing process and then continue it, allowing individual components to be removed from the container when several are being worked on.

The KASTOwin amc, which has a footprint of 2,455 x 2,325 mm and stands 2,075 mm high, has a standard cutting range of 400 x 400 mm, although other capacities are available on request. The electromechanical infeed is infinitely adjustable and band speed is controllable between 12 and 150 m/min. The fully enclosed machine is prepared for the addition of a customer-supplied suction unit so that components can be sawn in automatic mode with minimum dust generation.

For easy troubleshooting and process optimisation, the saw can be monitored remotely over a secure internet connection by specialists in Kasto’s service centre at its German factory. By accessing information from the control, they can carry out fast, detailed diagnostics and provide targeted help. They can also transmit programs and adjust parameters, often considerably reducing setup times and downtimes.

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