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Domino’s Pizza turnover £1m in one day’s online trading

Kingston-based Domino’s Pizza had a record day in online sales on Saturday [October 8, 2011], taking over £1million in sales through its various web platforms. Of the £1million of orders, 13% were taken through mobile devices.

Domino’s Chief Executive, Chris Moore, said: “When we launched online ordering just over a decade ago, it was a huge investment – but one that has continued to pay off, year on year. To put this achievement in context, 12 years ago we took £100k in online sales in a year, by 2000 we were taking £1m in a year and now we are taking £1million in a day. Now that’s progress!

“You really can order your favourite Domino’s from just about anywhere, thanks to developments like the iPad and Android apps, and with neat features like the Pizza Tracker you can order online and sit and watch your pizza’s progress – or even switch to our takeafreshlook.co.uk website and see how the dough, cheese and tomato sauce on your pizza is made. It would appear that using the information superhighway really is a popular way for customers to get their favourite food delivered.”

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