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United Coffee increase storage capacity

United Coffee UK has increased storage capacity by 56 percent by reconfiguring racking and introducing Atlet Forte reach trucks. Storage and handling operations have been optimised at the company’s Tilbrook distribution centre to meet the requirements of its dramatic business growth.

“We store more and we are more efficient because we found the right trucks and rearranged the warehouse,” says Ray Holland, Supply Chain and Distribution Manager at United Coffee UK. “It’s made a big difference to the business but also to the people who work here. Atlet did a fantastic job.”

United Coffee UK specialises in providing coffee & coffee equipment to the foodservice & retail market in the UK & Ireland. The current managing director was the company’s eighth employee and there are now over 300 members of staff. In 2006 the business was bought by the international Drie Mollen Group. This enabled investment in the facilities, products and services that have driven the recent dramatic business growth. United Coffee UK moved to its current site in Milton Keynes in 2004 and expected these premises would provide enough capacity for at least ten years. When turnover doubled in four years warehouse operations were placed under pressure. A number of business considerations meant relocation was not a realistic option; the only alternative was to identify ways of storing more and increasing throughput in the existing building.

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