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CoLocker deliver ulltrafast broadband to ‘notspot’

Milton Keynes based CoLocker Ltd have successfully supplied an Ultra Fast Broadband solution to three local companies who’s  business had been hampered by a  poor Broadband solution from BT only offering a maximum of 6Mbps (megabits per second).


The  Colocker solution offers each company real time throughput of just under 100Mbps in both directions. This step change in performance has allowed them to stay in their current locations rather than move in order to receive decent connectivity.

CoLocker’s Operations Director Neil McCabe said “Utilising the Government Broadband Connection Voucher Grant scheme now enables business in the Milton Keynes vicinity to receive the decent broadband connection that most if not all companies now require. I’m delighted that we can help keep companies based in Milton Keynes – if their broadband is not adequate for their business requirements there is now a grant available through CoLocker and others to directly address this.”

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