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Beanwave rise to green challenge

Milton Keynes marketing agency Beanwave have risen to the challenge to create an eye-catching mailing, whilst implementing an environmental policy and considering ethical issues. Beanwave were asked by one of their clients, Startech Productions, to create an attention grabbing mailshot to be sent to heads of drama and event organisers at schools, colleges and universities across the region, that promotes a selection of audio and visual equipment kits for summer productions and events. Beanwave created a concept based around an ‘Access All Areas’ backstage pass a relevant image for event organisers and producers. How do you make a mailer with so many components environmentally considerate? After all polyester lanyards and plastic holders aren’t particularly environmentally friendly. Sourcing lanyards made from 100% sustainable, natural and biodegradable bamboo fibre, replacing the plastic lanyard holder with a recycled paper alternative and posting the finished passes in bubble bags made from recycled and recyclable polythene was just the start. All the printing was done by a carbon neutral printer using vegetable based inks on a waterless offset press and the paper for the holder and its insert is 100% recycled and FSC-certified. While beanwave appreciate it’s not all perfect, there is a carbon footprint created by the posting of the mailers (although Royal Mail are committed to the 10:10 campaign), it does show that businesses can generate sales in a responsible way, while sending clients a strong message about their environmental commitments. Beanwave are based in the Business Hub at The Milton Keynes Academy, believed to be the first school business-in-residence.

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